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Medical Fee Schedule

The Commission has posted the Medical Fee Schedule effective January 1, 2014 with a 1.52% increase. Attached is a schedule of Fee Schedule changes. If the fee schedule had tracked medical inflation, rates would be 30% higher than in 2006; instead, rates are 7% lower than 2006. Annual Adjustments Effective date CPI-Medical CPI-U / IL…

Personnel Changes at the Arbitration Level

Regrettably and suddenly, Arbitrator Douglas Holland recently died. Arbitrator Holland was not an attorney but had served as an arbitrator and Commissioner at the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission for well over 23 years. He was a dedicated hearing officer and did his best to work with the parties to resolve claims fairly and without litigation….

Personnel Changes at the Commission Level

The Commission is now fully staffed. The Governor appointed one new public Commissioner, Michael Brennan, late last summer and has now appointed a second public Commissioner. Therefore, Commissioner Brennan is no long serving double duty and hearing appeals on both panels B and C of the Commission. The new public Commissioner is a well known…