2019 IWCC Personnel And Procedure Update

Illinois Workers’ Compensation Personnel & Procedure Update

To: Clients and Colleagues

I have attached our most current update regarding Illinois Workers’ Compensation Personnel and Procedure. This includes all present Commission staff. The Governor recently appointed Kathryn Doerries as an employer representative. Thus, the three Commission Panels are now fully staffed with Commissioner Doerries filling a vacancy left by the departure of former Commissioner Kevin Lamborn. Commissioner Doerries was previously a State’s Attorney.

There are currently 11 arbitrators assigned to the Chicago Workers’ Compensation venue. There are, however, 13 Chicago Arbitration Calls, each with a full docket of cases. Therefore, there are two vacant arbitration status calls in Chicago that are yet to be filled. There are 18 Downstate Arbitration Status Calls. Out of these 18 calls, only 15 are currently filled, leaving three vacant downstate calls. The attached list identifies the hearing officers, vacant calls, and terms of the present hearing officers. The vacant calls are being staffed by a variety of current arbitrators on an as needed basis. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns.