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Workers’ Compensation

Preferred Provider Programs in Illinois: An Introduction

Aggressive Management of Workers Compensation Claims: Fighting Workers Compensation Fraud
28th Annual SEAK National Workers’ Compensation and Occupational Medicine Conference July, 2008

Determination of Medicare Issues in Workers’ Compensation Cases

House Bill 928: The Firefighters’ Protection Amendment to the Illinos WC and OD Acts

Permanent Partial Disability: Evaluations Under the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Act

Slips, Trips, Falls and Other Assorted Mishaps at Work: The Caterpillar Doctrine

Calculating Average Weekly Wage Under Illinois WC Law: An Analysis of Section 10 of the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Act

Personnel Practice & Procedures 2008

Maintenance – Obligation To Pay – Statutory And Case Law

Employers’ Rights in Disciplining and Terminating Workers’ Compensation Claimants: New Developments in Building Your Case in the Event You Are Sued

We are pleased to announce that John Maciorowski, Stephen Friedman and Daniel Arkin have been voted Leading Lawyers by the Law Bulletin Publishing Company survey.

Illinois Workers’ Compensation Legislation House Bill 805 Rational Compromise of Employer’s Folly?

Pro Se Settlements: Avoiding Litigation – Discouraging the Injured Worker From Seeking Legal Representation

Slips, Trips, Falls And Other Assorted Mishaps At Work:The Caterpillar Doctrine 15 Years Later

Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission: Personnel, Practice and Procedure in 2005

Industrial Commission Panel Applies Petrillo Doctrine to Workers’ Compensation Claims

Wage Differential Claims in Illinois: Issues and Analysis – 2003

Medicare and Workers’ Compensation Claims: Who’s on First?

Determining Permanent Partial Disability In Illinois

Panel of Physicians: An Introduction to Cost Savings

Calculating Average Weekly Wage Under Illinois WC Law: An Analysis of Section 10 of the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Act (2004)

Civil Litigation

Jury Verdict In Favor of Employer – Tried By Gregory G. Vacala Tried 6-4 to 6-21-2012

IDC Defense Update December 2010 Vol. 11 No. 12

Review of New Insurance Coverage Cases

Significant Accomplishments in Civil Litigation for 2009

Employers Liability and Insurance Coverage in the Construction Industry
IDC Quarterly, First Quarter 2008, Volume 18, Number 1, ISSN-1094-9542

Amendment Expanding the Scope of Wrongful Death Damages in Illinois: Grief, Sorrow, and Mental Anguish

Post Virginia Surety v. Northern Ins. Co.

WC-EL Insurance Coverage Primer

Selective or Targeted Tenders

Conflict ‘Cumis’ Counsel

Defense of Transportation Seminar: The Litigation of Truck Accidents: coverage Issues
Original Presentation: June 21, 2002

The Independent Medical Examination in Civil Litigation

Targeted Tenders

Construction Litigation and Insurance Coverage

Construction Defense: Post Structural Work Act

Outline of Basic Tenets of Employment Practice: Lien, Intervention Subrogation, Third Party Contribution Etc.