Employer Liability and Third Party Liability Defense

Our civil attorneys routinely practice extensively in cutting edge issues of law such as contractual indemnity, anti-subrogation, insured contracts or contracts to procure insurance and obtaining defense and indemnity contribution for the EL carrier from the CGL carrier.

In addition, our EL attorneys have expertise in seeking additional or alternative coverage through targeted/selected tenders, indemnity provisions endorsements such as vendors and insured contract endorsements.

As to subrogation, whether or not a named third party, the firm prides itself in aggressively seeking full lien recovery.

Our routine practice includes third party defense, intervention, response to bills in discovery, and the simultaneous defense of Workers’ Compensation with other employment torts (Title VII, Retaliatory Discharge, Union Grievances, ADA, ADEA, Dual Capacity, Exclusive Remedy, and International Torts).