Kim Smith

I’ve been managing workers compensation claims for over 30 years.   Each year seems to be worse than the year before.  It took me a little while to figure out why the workers compensation system was so unfair.  Unfair, no that’s not the right word.  How about how one-sided it is?  No, that’s not the right word either.  I know, it’s how prejudicial the system is.  The reality is, it didn’t really matter what I thought.  The reality is…..get yourself a darn good lawyer and that prejudicial system starts to balance itself out.

The law firm you choose to defend your workers compensation claim is critical.  That law firm has to be fair, unbiased, and most importantly, not fear challenging the system.  Right is right and wrong is wrong.  I was introduced to Mike Rusin in a WC claim that seemed to come out of nowhere.  When he spoke, you could tell he meant business.  When he spoke there was such confidence in his voice.  When he wrote a letter, it was forceful yet professional.  When he spoke to me, he did it in a way I understood.  He never tried to talk above me or below me.  He had street smarts.   

Mike Rusin’s law firm is by far one of the best firms not just in Illinois but one of the best firms in the country when it comes to workers compensation.  If you want to push the envelope, he’s your guy.  If you want to argue with him, more than likely you will lose.   If he thinks you are wrong, he won’t hesitate to tell you and in a way you will appreciate.

He’s just one of the good guys.  And those in his firm that surround him, well they are just top notch as well.

-Kim Smith

-Workers Compensation Manager, Maxim Healthcare